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Holy crap!

Okay, so I'm just barely getting into showing again at VHR. I was never a big person for shows, mostly interested in breeding and training. I decided to enter a few of my horses in a show just for the heck of it to see what would happen. I put Kletsori into her first event, a 3-day eventing show and, holy crands marm she got first! It was by a hair, but I most definately didn't expect her to do so well, especially considering most of the horses she was up against were fantastic or better in all of their stats (well, one had a superb, but that was one exception in the top six horses apart from Kletsori).

Talk about an ego-boost! Man I wish I would have bet on her.

Just goes to show that a little Shagya Arab without OMG super-hyped über stats! can still come out on top.

The other two in the show placed seventh and eleventh respectively.

Bwah ha ha. Now to ender more shows and train!
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