she_lost_heart (she_lost_heart) wrote in vhrobsession,

virtual pups account

hi... I don't know if anyone is interested or not but .... I became a sponser and have a full breeder account with Virtual Pups (made by the people who made Virtual Horse Ranch) and I will sell my kennel with 16 dogs, my play cash a total amount of $505744 and my special account that allows all the privledges it does for a payment of 10$ on paypal. It's a new account. It won't expire till next year. This isn't a scam, if you want to check my ebay references you can... my name is sardonica60 on ebay. I just don't play the game anymore and desperately need the money. In exchange for the ten I'll give you my password and my account name... and you can then change the password to whatever you want. and be sure to change the email addie, too. I don't know if anyone is interested, just thought I'd see.
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So let me get this are selling your account for $505744 real US dollars?.....or is that VHR dollars?
I think she's saying that the play cash in the account is $505744 and that she's selling the account for $10.00 through paypal.
yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
I am selling....
16 dogs (of various worth)
$505744 play cash
a sponser account with all the privledges that go with it (i believe they last a year)

for the amount of 10$ through paypal.

the account itself cost me 20$ but I don't have time to play and need $$ badly.

hope that clarifies.
I guess my brain froze on the list of numbers, my bad :)