samuraipink (samuraipink) wrote in vhrobsession,

Yay - Horse Portrait Auction

I'm having too much trouble keeping up with all my custom horse portrait orders... so I decided to try an different approach to portraits - for the time being.

I will draw some random horse linearts and post them here for auction. The person who bids the highest then gets to have the liveart customly coloured to fit whichever one of their horses they bought the lineart for.

Hopefully I've made myself clear... I'll post an uncoloured horse picture here and if you have any horses that you think it could be... then bid on the picture. If you win the auction and the picture is yours then you can tell me how you want it coloured and I will colour it to fit your horse's colour!!

The first picture I'm going to try and auction off in this manner is a little more cartoony than my last few horses I've done for VHR related events... it's face is almost skull-like and it's body is in an exagerated showhorse stance... if you like the picture and have a horse that this could fit, please do bid!

Types of colours that this would work best for are tote, living dead, cursed zombie, posessed demon, bloody nightmare...etc. (but don't limit yourself!)

YOU CAN BID AT THE VHR FORUM if you are interested...
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