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vhrobsession's Journal

VirtualHorseRanch.com Obsessors Anonymous (or not)
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We are the community for those helplessly obsessed with VHR (virtualhorseranch.com)

Rules of Conduct:
1] Harassing another VHR Obsession member is not tolerated. One warning will be issued; on the second offence, the harassing party will be banned from the community. VHR Obsession strives for a non-hostile environment and will take action to maintain a civil community.

2] If two or more members of the community do not share the same oppinions or views, they will agree to politely disagree. EVERYONE has the right to have their own oppinions, and nobody has the right to tell others that their oppinions are "wrong."

3] Non-VHR-related posts are allowed, but they must be behind a LJ "cut."

4] CONSTRUCTIVE criticizm is allowed, in moderation. Insults will not be tolerated; repeat offenders will be banned.

5] Advertizing VHR-related things [ie, horses for sale or stud, events that need entries, clubs, and so forth] is allowed and encouraged.

6] Contests created and run by members are allowed and encouraged.

7] Vulgar language [ie, swearing and "cursing"] is not tolerated. It is NOT condusive to creating a friendly and comfortable environment. Repeat offenders will be banned.

8] "Venting" is allowed in moderation, but it must be put behind a LJ "cut." Appropriate venting issues: unfixed/ignored game glitches, problems from offering horses for sale or stud, eventing issues. NO NAMES should be mentioned while venting. But, if you feel so inclined to name the person, just call 'im "Knarf." We'll blame Knarf for everything. The use of someone's name in a vent teeters on the edge of personal attacks and slander, therefore, if such a thing occurs, the poster will be warned and, on the mods' judgement, either deleted entirely or merely have the name(s) edited out. Common sense ruling on what can and cannot be said.

9] "Vigilante" justice [ie, "flaming" someone for something they said] is not tolerated. If a member of the community has a problem with another member, take it up with the community moderators, Kunst [Lantairvlea] or Sick Puppy [Demoncougar].

10] Any and all personal spats are to be taken OFF the community. E-mail and messaging works wonderfully, or, if you feel it is serious enough, consult the community moderators etc.

This community is in no way officially affiliated with, or condoned by Virtual Horse Ranch, virtualhorseranch.com, Orbis Entertainment Inc, Nefertete and staff. The views and opinions found in this community do not necessarily reflect those of the above stated parties.