Drakenhart (drakenhart) wrote in vhrobsession,

Hey all!

I've been playing VHR for a while now, got started in VP when it first opened, and now I am on VHR-O. Whoo!

I just dont' play as much as I used to. Work and all. Ya know thrid shift. ;) :P

I was scrounging the sites and was wondering something. Why aren't there a list of 'ranks' in teh different stats. Somewhere I have the Physical Stat Ranks ( Fantasic, Supurb, etc ) listed from best to least. What about body build? Thinnest to bulkiest? Or the Surefoot measure?

Thsi is just something I had been wodnering, and wether or not it was kept off the main site for reaons? ( I can think of several off the top of my head. ;) ).

Does anyone have this information?

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