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Hello, I have a friend that just joined VHR... she said she had a Rainbow horse and another horse of a colour such as that and she was asking me how rare they are. I made this little chart for her... I'm wondering if you agree with it - do you believe it to be accurate?

Very Rare - Less than 3 horses have this colour
Rare - Less than 20 horses have this colour
Semi Rare - Less than 300 horses have this colour
UnCommon - less than 500 horses have this colour
Semi UnCommon- Between 500 and 1000 horses have this colour
Common - More than 1000 horses have this colour
Regular - Original colour of the game

Now, Secondly... If you used the above chart thingy to describe the terms Very Rare, Rare, Semi Rare...etc. how do you think these terms would compare to the value of the horse. Rather... how much would you be willing to pay for a horse of this colour rarity? Let us say that we have a sample from each group of colour rarities and they all have exactly the same stats and are of the same breed and gender... and let us say that the regular one was for sale for $30,000.

Very Rare -
Rare -
Semi Rare -
UnCommon -
Semi Uncommon -
Common -
Regular - $30,000

Please choose the prices for the other terms in comparison to the original price listed for Regular. Thank you so much for filling this out and for your added comments! I posted a poll on the thread at the forum as well
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